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About Us

 The Internet has, no doubt, become an essential tool for artists today to exhibit and market their artwork on the global art scene.
Gone the bad old days, where emerging or even accomplished artists had to struggle to have their art exhibited anywhere and with most art galleries going for the glitz and shunning substance, they virtually had no chance to break thorough such insurmountable obstacles.
Now, it is a totally different story, millions of art lovers all around the globe are continuously viewing art on home computers, the artist's work can (and does) instantly transcends boundaries and be viewed, appreciated and indeed purchased online, just with a simple click.
With all these possibilities emerging, another dilemma arises, how does an artists tap into this rich source?
Complexities are multiplied by the day in the computer world and real expertise never come cheap.
Just because a website looks nice, it doesn't mean that it will deliver what it is supposed to, nor will it be secure and cost effective.
That is where we come in...
You the artists can have all the benefits of our long technical know-how and avail yourself  to all the benefits of a well designed, practical and cost effective website without costing you the earth.
You don't have to have any expertise or technical knowledge, it is all done for you....and so inexpensively, right here, right now!
For one yearly payment of just $77.00, yes that correct...

$77.00 a year...no ifs no buts.

That is 21 cents a day, now you can't beat such offer.

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 If you have any further inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us





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