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Greg Wardle,  has produced some of the finest paintings in all media and  his work displays such a precocious talent that is universally acknowledged  and admired by all art lovers and collectors.
A painting by Greg is a valuable investment that is sure to appreciate in value over time. There are several NEW paintings available to purchase now, please email any inquiries to

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Oils, Price on application.



  Acrylics, Price on application.                       Oils, Price on application.

All paintings are professionally framed.

Peter Ozerski
master sculptor


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Unique Pieces in bronze by  master sculptor Peter Ozerski
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Yvonne Barnett
Artist and art tutor

Yvonne's work is characterized by its luminosity and natural fluidity which reveals the mysterious inner light inherent in all her completed paintings, that can only be achieved by experience and masterly control...
That is what sets her apart!

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                                               Pelican  A$295.00 SOLD




Rainbow Swirls

Rivers of dreams

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Karen McCafferty , an Australian contemporary artist, she lives and practices her art  in Queensland. Being of indigenous background,  she has successfully combined her modern vision with her Aboriginal heritage in these bold and distinctive abstracts.  Karen has a simple philosophy, as she puts it, to love your country and heritage is to recreate them in your artwork and to share them, money has never been my motive to paint , it is the the ability to create and share!
Karen's paintings are, accordingly, very inexpensively  priced @ only A$100.00 + shipping each,  which is a real steal for an original....


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Brian Mooney:
Brian is a multi talented artist in the visual and the musical fields, his vast experience enables him to present these delightful quality prints on archival watercolour paper, faithfully reproduced from his originals, where he captures his subject matter with the ease and precision of the accomplished artist that he is!  



Sweet Surrender(?)
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This is the second Panel of a triptych by Joe Wayne.
Quality oils on canvass, 95cm X 62 cm. 
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These incredibly beautiful watercolours originals by Chris Walters, masterly painted
on high quality Arches hot  pressed archival paper show the hand of an artist
at the pinnacle of her profession, a joy to behold and represent  an excellent
investment on the very reasonable outlay of A$230.00 + shipping.

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unto us a child is born!

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A Nativity Scene, by Joe Wayne. Quality oils on canvas, 95 X 62cm.

 Available: A$600.00

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Murray Jesson

Successful Watercolour artist and a Cleveland, QLD. resident. 
Murray, a former London policeman, migrated to Australia in 1977 has had his own successful businesses for many years until retirement. 
He since has concentrated on his love and passion...Painting!
He is a member of the Watercolour society of Queensland. He is also a member of various local art groups.
Murray has developed his own painting style, producing works that are different & colourful!

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Morning Glory by Murray Jesson   Speed by Murray Jesson


Works By 
Kevan Henery Hardacre

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Original paintings in oils, watercolours  and acrylics of authentic Australian wildlife in their natural habitat, as well as Heritage images, collectors art with distinctive flora and fauna all numbered and signed. Art-Gift Re-Images are remarkably faithful to the originals reproduced on heavy archival artist's quality watercolour paper also on A1 artist's canvas.


The Environmental Artist

Through art we can learn to love the natural Earth again, and find meaning and redemption in the great LIFE FORCE ". With such inspiration he presents his original artworks and in more practical, egalitarian ways he offers many signed, Collectors' reproductions of his work on canvas or water-colour paper. All at very accessible prices.


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Works By
Charlie Rohloff

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Martian Rock, POA

The Man With The Golden Lens!

Award Winning Photographer & Digital Imaging Artist.


Other works available to purchase please click  Digital Imaging 

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